Tokyu Hands is a growing business in Japan with about 71 stores nationally as of 2018. The stores sell a wide variety of merchandise that cater to an even larger group of customers. Tokyu Hands’ search for and a belief in a digitization of internal business system, to support their growing business, lead to the utilization of Unicage. Unicage has allowed Tokyu Hands to build this internal system from scratch, without needing to hire external employees. This greatly reduced the development costs while simultaneously exhibiting the use of Unicage for upgradability.


Tokyu Hands needed to digitize their internal system in order to account for their growing business. With ever growing data, Tokyu Hands needed a better methodology to reorganize, access, and of course process this data. However, the company also wanted to maintain the development costs as low as possible by using software that was easy to use but efficient and fast.


Unicage was a great solution for Tokyu Hands ambitions, because it was easy to learn. As Hideki Hasegawa mentions, ‘our IT commerce employees have all attended the Unicage workshops, and are now knowledgeable enough to start constructing the system on their own’. The flexibility of Unicage to meet different demands also helped assist in the upgradability of the program written by Tokyu Hands. As an initiative to increase sales, new functions were added to the system built on Unicage, such as sales promotion and communication tools. Additionally, orders and product management functions were also replaced in order to drastically reduce costs. The system is now adept to handle aggregation, inventory management, data registration, sorting, and basic arithmetic operations.

Hideki Hasegawa: Executive Director of IT-Commerce Department

“It is precise because we wanted to complexify and expand on our program’s functionality. The UNICAGE system was extremely outstanding as a framework which will continuously enable us to upgrade our programs.”



1/10 reduction in development costs

Easy to understand framework, which allowed existing employees to quickly learn and implement internal systems using Unicage

Easy expansion of program functionality