Company A is Japan’s big telecommunications company with 9 trillion yen in sales and 70 thousand employees.

Their telecom services range among a wide range of topics including mobile phones, optical fibers, and large-area Wi-Fi services. Due to high competition in the industry, while they needed to rapidly adapt to changes in rate plans, they the search for an optimal way to manage and utilize the colossal amounts of data generated from the connections and transmissions was also a crucial topic for their business.


Though there are several vendors that provide products considering big data, since they all have varying strengths and weaknesses,

Company A was in search of a solution that flexibly combined these different products to optimize both cost and performance.


To do this, we first summoned technicians from within the company to provide training on UNICAGE. As a POC (proof of concept) to better understand the method and to adapt it to their actual work, we took the below approach:

The current network infrastructure managed log data with high-end database products like the Oracle Exadata. However, these log data from Exadata are enormous in size and frequently caused delays with basic pre-processing of basic data.

Since the replacement provisioning system was managed manually, we tried to automate the management.


The Oracle Exadata took over an hour to process the 700M of log data generated every hour, causing some overflow. On top of this, the amount of data was planned to increase up to twice the current amount.

When UNICAGE was implemented in place, a process that used to take 45 minutes finished in 4 minutes, and Exadata usage was downsized from 300 gigabytes to 10 gigabytes. In addition, the provisioning system that used to take up to 15 minutes to aggregate now finishes in a couple of seconds with the execution of a single command.

These results were enough to persuade the usefulness of UNICAGE in the field of big data ,  and company A decided to integrate UNICAGE.

Now the technology is used to in-house develop systems for aggregating addresses and search location information. These systems are twice as much efficient than DBs.

Client Voice

“UNICAGE is a new option for handling processes that only expensive middleware could do.


Processing speed to handle hourly generated processes from network devices


Usage of database software by network devices


Aggregation speed by in-house developed systems

Independence from middleware

Create software with high performance through in-house development