Company M is a Japanese credit card firm. With over 10 million cardholders, annual sales reach $2.5 billion.


The company is going through a system integration project of three other card companies that resulted from their M&As.

Until then, it took the company two days to issue a total of 120 million billing statements to 10 million cardholders. This needed to be shortened to about 5 hours.

There was also a second challenge to unify the different character codes used by the three systems.


As an POC (proof of concept), the above functions were developed and tested on a real machine with UNICAGE. The result was an astonishing 30 minutes — much less than the goal of 5 hours.

The promising results lead to the decision of implementing UNICAGE to the new billing statement issuing system and the data transfer that accompanies it. Its application to other workflows such as data analysis and approval processes are under consideration.

Client Voice

“UNICAGE not only is able to process large amounts of data, but also excels in the speed of development, flexibility in transferring data, reducing maintenance costs by in-house operations, and improving processing speed.


Number of statements issued each month


The 3600 lines of COBOL program written over 3 months were replaced by 1000 lines of UNICAGE commands written over three weeks.

2days -> 30mins

Amount of time it took to issue billing statements