Akyrise is a growing business in Japan with 150,000 people regularly using their skincare and food products. Akyrise’s name signifies, “Beauty is not about visual appearances, but is something nourished from the inside”.

Before utilizing Unicage, call centers and EC sites were the main places to interact with customers for orders and questions. Unicage has allowed Akyrise to improve customer service and expand its marketing strategy by integrating business-critical task system databases that support mail orders with little to no effort.


Akyrise needed to integrate order data and customer information, build a system with product planning that meets in-house production demands, and improve sales plan accuracy. Akyrise occasionally calls their customers to get feedback about their products (a majorly of them are women). Akyrise needed to integrate a top-to-bottom database to accelerate the detailed repair work of the system screen in order to account for their growing business. Thus must be done without having to drastically increase development costs. With an increasing number of customers, Akyrise needed a better methodology to reorganize, access, and process their database and EC sites by renovating their internal core system. Due to the urgency of the matter, Akyrise aimed at utilizing a system which was easy to learn, use, and maintain.


Unicage was a great solution for Akyrise because it was easy to learn even for managers with no prior programming experience. In contrast to the previous system that was used, the newly developed cart function and cart transaction system reconstructed by Unicage allows Akyrise to have a better insight as to which data is connected to which data and how things are moving. Therefore, it allows managers with little to no programming expertise to customize functions. Additionally, commercial servers and the package product in the core system were replaced in order to drastically reduce the operational and maintenance costs.

Tetsu Yokota: Akyrise Engineer at ICT Strategy agency

“This system is far beyond a tool, it is a work of art.”

The customer’s response rate increased when the existing survey form was improved by implementing internal systems using Unicage

Reducing the number of steps to place an order to increase purchase rate

Attain accurate sales planning through the use of customers’ purchase history information to suggest relevant products

Ability to analyze sales information during campaigns from different angles

High speed displaying of aggregation and results despite the increase in data amount