Unicage is a proven, yet emerging data and development framework that has delivered impressive results to several customers with complex data requirements and legacy system challenges.  Taking a very different but simplified approach to system development, Unicage responds to business problems with speed, agility and sustainability in mind, thereby reducing cost and increasing value to both the data consumer / stakeholder.

Unicage is suited to both large scale enterprise and mid-sized companies seeking to differentiate from competition by taking back control and developing systems that make a difference.

Unicage is able to work in any environment as it is low level and data centric.  Over time, Unicage customers have found it to be a frequent option to solving discrete and larger scale systems challenges.

We welcome new customers to consider a proof of concept to explore the power of Unicage and experience impressive results to help with your most daunting issues.


Intense development of the Unicage Development Method:

  • Development of Unicage commands and shell scripts that support high development productivity

  • Research shell and OS that can deliver high processing efficiency

  • Research enterprise systems for each industry and sector.

  • Research project management methods


Training engineers who will lead the next generation, and improving the IT literacy of enterprises:

  • We hold seminars to train engineers who have advanced skills and a strong sense of humanity

  • We hold study sessions and lectures to disseminate IT knowledge to enterprises and government agencies


Promoting the understanding and activities beyond industry boundaries:

  •  Promulgating ideas and technologies through the publishing of books and magazines

  • Offering assistance on the development and implementation of systems using the Unicage Development Method

  • Creating online communities for enterprises, engineers and researchers

Our Offices

Tokyo H.Q.

Universal Shell Programming Laboratory, Ltd.

Pelican Building, 3th Floor,
3-3-3 Nishi Shinbashi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Phone:+81 3 3432-1174


Unicage Soft Programming Laboratory Software Europe,Lda.

Unicage, Teclabs Campus da FCUL, Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal


North America Office


1505 Barrington St
Halifax, B3J 3K5,Canada