Unicage helps our customers to build systems and solutions that take cost and complexity out of their IT eco-system.

  • Significantly reduces MIPS on Mainframe
  • Can operate on PC-based servers and OS (Linux)
  • Requires no middleware or database licenses – data is stored in plain text and programs are written in shell script
  • No major forklift upgrades required (data and software remain the same when hardware and OS changes are made)
  • Systems are very quick to build and maintain


Akyrise is a growing business in Japan with 150,000 people regularly using their skincare and foods products. Akyrise’s name signifies, “Beauty is not about appearance, but something nourished from inside”. Before utilizing Unicage, call centers and EC sites were the main places for customer interaction for orders and questions. Unicage has allowed Akyrise to improve customer service quality and expand its marketing strategy by integrating database of business-critical task system, which supports mail orders, with little to no effort.


Through TEPCO’s digitization initiatives, Unicage proved to be crucial in big data processing. Specifically, TEPCO aimed to webitize their operating fee system, which supports the calculation of electricity bills, through the use of Unicage. With a simple yet efficient architecture, Unicage has allowed TEPCO to process big data much faster than previous implementations, demonstrating the scalable nature of the Unicage system. TEPCO concludes, ‘The simple Unix philosophy behind Unicage has helped us grow and nurture employees with an engineering mindset and an eye for efficiency.’


Nihon Shurui Hanbai offers distribution and information infrastructure between approximately 3000 manufactures / suppliers of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages, and around 40000 supermarkets and retail stores. Starting in 2012, the company began using the Unicage software development method, Unicage for short, to renovate a sales performance batch processing system vital for their business. The system was previously based on the COBOL program, which loads accumulated sales performance data onto DWH. The data, which is batch processed daily, is essential for formulating sales strategies and aiding various business activities. Nihon Shurui Hanbai came across Unicage as a promising solution to their expanding business.