• Flexible and agile development options for IT to create fast to deploy value for the business
  • Uses significantly less code to produce end to end systems and applications
  • Programing is straightforward and easy enough for non-programmers / software engineers to understand with basic training
  • Data is created by organizing and structuring the data into flat file text and is not reliant on any specific database
  • Systems can be easily modified to respond to business changes and new requirements

Genuine Agile Development

Unicage’s IT software development method and process were introduced to implement the basic concepts of TPS(cost, performance, visual management etc.). In-house solutions developed with Unicage can replace commercial package software. In addition, it is relatively easy to become beginner programmers compared to other development environments. ”It reduced costs to define system requirements by making salesmen into engineers”

– Mr. Akio SUZUKI: USP Corporate Advisor: TPS (Toyota Production System) professional with 40+ years’ experience

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Portfolio Post

Tokyu Hands is a growing business in Japan with about 39 stores nationally as of 2011. The stores sell a wide variety of merchandise that cater to an even larger group of customers. Tokyu Hands’ search for and a belief in a digitization of internal business system, to support their growing business, lead to the utilization of Unicage. Unicage has allowed Tokyu Hands to build this internal system from scratch, without needing to hire external employees, which greatly reduced the development costs while simultaneously exhibiting the use of Unicage for upgradability.