With Unicage, we first develop the data foundation system. To do so, we must understand all primitive data required for developing the future application system– in other words, “the data comes first.”

Unicage engineers (based on training program certification), are trained to take the project from start to finish. Specifically, they are trained in the Unicage method of defining requirements, development, and ongoing maintenance of the applications and data files. There are multiple levels of engineers based on role and competency.

As the engineer increases competency they are able to tackle project with greater complexity. In addition, the engineer is trained on the data centric development method that is core to Unicage systems. In this approach, a customer will need to output all data that will be used for the system. It is critical to have the data known in advance and ready. Unicage’s performance and capability is enabled by understanding the data and building the system around the expected data and required output.

The Data Comes First

Overview of the Process