Unicage combines a high-performance fully distributed  data processing methodology with simple Unix shell-based programming in data centric development process capable of handling enormous datasets, quickly and flexibly.


  • Fully distributed development foundations
  • Fast –  search through 20 billion records in as little as 0.227 seconds (benchmarked performance)
  • Inexpensive – replace legacy RDBs and DWHs for less than current maintenance costs
  • Highly scalable – scale up with clusters of inexpensive standard x86, instead of costly proprietary big iron
  • Time-to-market – no bloated middleware, create analytics on demand, generating scripts on-the-fly for ad-hoc analysis in a matter of minutes (Unicage does not require resource-heavy middleware, Java or SQL programming to create functional software)

Uses of Unicage

  • Heavy load batch
    • Offload processing intensive loads from mainframe or other costly big iron platforms
  • Smart ETL
    • High volume and complex data transformations (quality corrections, missing data, cross-referencing)
  • Reporting Middleware
    • Consolidation across different data sources into single set of reporting KPIs – real-time analytics and data interfaces
  • Fast response systems
    • End-to-end systems Unicage has been used to develop and replace critical legacy applications with specialized requirements. Unicage can help modernize the application stack, improve integration to digital platforms and significantly improve performance / speed of processing for large volume data. Delivered at lower cost of ownership and maintenance and easily trained to internal IT or 3rd party partners for ease of maintenance and sustainability.