UNICAGE realizes fully-distributed data processing

Shell-Based Programming

Unicage, based on the UNIX philosophy, creates corporate systems with text files and shell scripts. However, unless the text files are properly organized, efficient development and processing is not possible-- shell scripts may create poor systems depending on their usage. Positioning Unicage simply as a method for developing shell scripts is very dangerous.

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Data Management

The Unicage system is composed of a data foundation system and an application system. The data foundation system is a system that generates level 1 to level 3 data.

The application system provides services along with data input and output for end users and other systems. By using level 3 data (and where necessary the created level 4 data), level 1 and level 5 data are also created.
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Data Centric Development

With Unicage, we first develop the data infrastructure. To do so, we must understand all primitive data required for developing the future application system-- in other words, “the data comes first.”
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Through TEPCO’s digitization initiatives, Unicage has proven to be a crucial component of TEPCO’s big data processing environment. TEPCO meticulously compared other solutions to Unicage and found that Unicage helped to solve difficult and critical system requirements in order to enable the transition of the company to an agile and data centric digital retailer of electricity.


Fast Performance

Number of steps required in batch processing is now 17 times less. Remarkably, processing time is four times shorter.



Tokyu Hands is a growing business in Japan with about 39 stores nationally as of 2011. The stores sell a wide variety of merchandise that cater to a growing customer base. Tokyu Hands’ conducted a system search with the objective of digitizing its internal business system. After careful selection process it chose Unicage. Unicage, a development framework, allowed Tokyu Hands to build this internal system from scratch, without needing to hire consultants, which greatly reduced the development costs. One key factor for this busy retailer is that Unicage does not need to be upgraded like many off the shelf and customized systems today, this is due to the robust data centric and low level commands. For the retailer, they have not had to shut down or impact their customers or suppliers since going live.


Easy to program

Akyrise is a growing skincare and food products company in Japan. Before considering Unicage, call centers and electronic commerce sites were the main channels for customer interaction and order processing. Unicage was used to provide improved integration of customer service, ordering and marketing / campaign processing by integrating several databases and critical customer management processes.


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